Louis vuitton excellent fall 2011 collection production also excellent advertising activities

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As you guys know, I’m a little obsessed with ad campaigns. Not only do the big brands almost always give bags and accessories a front-and-center showcase, but fashion ads allow us a bit of a closer look at the story behind a collection and how a designer invisions his or her clothing. For fashion junkies, ads are more than just ads.

Thankfully, brands are starting to catch on to our interest, so not only are they releasing the images early, but they’re also giving us a behind-the-scenes peek at what goes in to a successful campaign. We’ve got both images and video (including an interview from Vuitton creative director Marc Jacobs) from Louis Vuitton‘s beautiful, drenched-in-vintage ads after the jump. Bonus factoid: The campaign was shot in Brooklyn.

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If you love logo bags,Gucci has a relatively classy option for you

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gucci handbags

Gucci Striped Boston Bag, $122 via lovebuybag

I’ve made no secret of my largely negative feelings toward monogramed bags in the past, but that doesn’t mean that logo-decked designs can’t be done well on occasion. It would seem as though the Gucci Striped Monogram Boston Bag is one such example of logo fabric used in an attractive way. Credit where credit is due!

The design of the key, of course, is that your eyes no direct letters double-G fabric.Instead, color belt in the middle, shall be immediately take your minimizing the logo slightly more than a border print.The traditional, neutral color combination can also help this bag looks more dignified than mark get support package in the mid-2000-s, so if you just can’t help yourself and have to carry something with branding all over it, you could do a lot worse. If you’d like to take this look a step further in the right direction, though, try a similar bag with an archival Gucci check print instead of the monogram canvas. Trust us on this one! Buy through lovebuybag.com for $122.


Go maxi or mini with Gucci python

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Gucci Python Stirrup Top Handle, $176 via Lovebuybag. Gucci 1973 Python Small Top Handle,$137 via Lovebuybag.

With so many choices in life, it’s somewhat amazing that we don’t all become hermits in the throws of deep existential crises. Skim or 2%? Decaf or regular? Heels or flats? To UGG or not to UGG? Even thinking about it makes me a bit dizzy. And if you’re a fan of python and Gucci python in particular, you’ve got another choice to make for fall – big or small?

The Gucci Python Stirrup Top Handle and Gucci 1973 Python Small Top Handlemay be made out of the same yellow-green dyed python, but they sit at opposite ends of the size spectrum. One is a bag big enough for your everyday life, the other is so petite that I’d only advise that you use it for a night out. Which way would you go?

Big bag of more than two times as wide of the little guy, have a price tag to go along with it, although little guys also can yet be regarded as a bargaining.(in my opinion, gucci overcharges for its relative to other luxury brands of different, but, someone there seem to be buying them anyway.)If it is my choice, I would choose the smaller choice.Bold python and structure do well, but the bigger bag feel too attached to me.The hard edge to play a bigger role is a small bag, and this is the perfect size runway version of the night. Buy through Lovebuybag for $137, or get the larger version via Lovebuybag for $176.

Gucci 277514 'stirrup' snake medium Gucci handbag mulit colorsGucci 277514 'stirrup' snake medium Gucci handbag mulit colorsGucci 277514 'stirrup' snake medium Gucci handbag mulit colorsGucci 277514 'stirrup' snake medium Gucci handbag mulit colorsGucci 277514 'stirrup' snake medium Gucci handbag mulit colorsGucci 277526 ERP0G 2316 'gucci 1973' small handbag(light green)


Forget accidental faces – this handbag has an actual face

She’s Got Purse-onality Bag, 

In fact, not only does the ModCloth She’s Got Purse-onality Bag have a face, but it also appears to have arms and feet. All it needs is a jaunty little hat, and it’d be all ready to go…I don’t know, what do our bags do when we’re not using them? I think mine have a party under my bed, personally.

Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is that some people (including my mother) see faces on handbags everywhere they look. Some of the bags in my collection – the Celine Luggage Tote, the Balenciaga Day Bag, the Marc Jacobs Stam – are well known to some people for their strategically placed hardware and zippers, which can combine to crate a bagface if the purse is left sitting in the right position. (Or, with the Celine Luggage Tote, in any position at all.)

Personally, I don't understand, they point out that bagfaces until someone give me.I must kill so synaptic with cheap beer in college, because it is not fired.Even I can see his face at this point, although this may or may not is by an "inspiration" hermes kelly, a face, I can't find a picture, this means that it is too obvious.And by "a little too obvious" I mean, hey, tone it down a little bit. We get it. You're a super cute, twee and your bag is silly smile and waving at us. If nothing else, though, it gave me a convincing argument against the man ling told me, my face distracting.

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Happy Halloween, Hermes Alligator Kelly Longue Edition

I to celebrate Halloween this year to dress up as a hot spring (meaning I put on a very necessary green mud mask and soak my hair while wearing a clothes).The children to come to our door may be a little confused, what I am, but I think this job, I totally need some mineral spring spa treatments.And they had to look at me, they will reward and our favorite treats.From the Crunchies, Smarties merger glue to Haribo candy, have a to every one came to my door.
My treat tonight is my Hermes Alligator Kelly Longue Wallet. Every year it is the best Halloween accessory a girl can ask for. And the lady who spas as a Halloween costume coincides well with a little piece of Hermes.
What are you dressed up as or who are you dressing up as what? Have a sweet, safe, and fun Halloween!

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Nifty Christmas Gifty: Our picks for the best bag charms of the season

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UGG 5803 boot women's shoe LEOPARD Louis Vuitton MFA0140 women's shoe brown Prada handbags leather cony hair white Gucci 211944 FQY1G 8692 women's handbag Hermes H020 handbags red Tissot T-Wave Ladies Watch T02.1.265.71/T02.1.285.54/T02.1.285.51 Louis Vuitton Scarves leopard color

 It in us, you guys.In the holiday shopping season.It makes began earlier and earlier, but I refused to words even said "holiday shopping" before Halloween died, and was buried there.Today's date is November 3 rd, so I think it's time to stop pretending to be Christmas is not in our open at top speed and start thinking about potential gift.For those of you who refused to consider Christmas until after Thanksgiving, I understand, but I like playing try so hard. Today, I want to solve the problem of a bag what you buy, when your budget lover is not very big.For who regularly worth four digits bag is a difficult one to buy, after all, when you target price range may be a little low gift.For me, the perfect answer is a bag of magic.All of those we've chosen can double as a chic key fob from any would rather not hanging in her bag, but I also shows that any of these proud.Sometimes this is the interesting things your bag yourself.
UGG shoes
Louis Vuitton shoes
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Louis Vuitton handbags
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Tissot Watch
Louis Vuitton Scarves

Miu Miu Microbag

Miu Miu Lambskin Coffer Bag - Peach  There’s something undeniably hilarious about accessorizing your bag with another, tinier bag.$165 via Miu Miu handbags.

Prada Trick Rhyna Bag Trick

We love all of Prada’s adorable holiday bag tricks, but this vaguely Gaga-inspired version is the best of them. They’re not available yet,.Prada handbags Christma

Louis Vuitton Fleur D’Etoile Bag Charm

Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Sistina MM Bag LV M41541 We’ve already featured one Vuitton option in this list, but LV makes so many different kinds of bag charms that I couldn’t help but add another, completely different option to the list. This one is so pretty and ladylike that it’s almost jewelry. $107 via Louis Vuitton Christmas.

lovebuybag.com picks Spring 2012s key bag trends – do you agree?

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  Through the Vogue all picturesEven with the rapidly changing fashion landscape and the American fashion criticism of the more conservative than European counterparts, the magazine and its website in the industry's most important still first publications.At that time some very important is said, designers, buyers and consumer attention, published the Vogue. Comrecently picks of the season in the trend of key parts. If you follow the fashion week as we report, you may have noticed that some of these things-that they modern fashionable adornment, transparency, move feeling ladylike color, skin the season.We have their pick, spring 2012 's bag is best illustrated these trend after the jump, we hope you can let us know if there is any see you feel special impatient to put your hand in the comments.Pay special attention to, can satisfy the bag of easy to more than one category, namely: those are style sheets to spring. .

Modern Embellishmen

Prada: Gucci:


Louis Vuitton:


Marc JacobsGivenchyBalenciagaAlexander Wang

Ladylike Pastels

Versace Ralph Lauren Louis Vuitton

The Skin of the Season

Valentino Tod’s Reed Krakoff Prada Michael Kors Salvatore Ferragamo Fendi Derek Lam Chloe Bally
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